Avacs international forum

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Avacs international forum

we chat

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we chat

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دانلود بازی برای موبایل

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Dawnload Of UC Browser & Face Book

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Avacs Chat Video Site

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you can learn more about AVACS helpS with video clips.
this site can support mobiles and pc version.
you can watch free & enjoy from this clips.
some clips are:
1-make of photo albums
2-change of color of rooms
3-confirm ID
4-Send messages to admin
5-And more and more video clips.
Too we did learn "How you can make video clip for Avacs" At this blog.
I have request please visite this blog & Put your comment for us.
with thanks  flower bouquet 

Avacs full touch screen model

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Avacs full touch screen model
اين يك ويرايش از نرم افزاز اواكس هست كه توسط خودم انجام شده.
همان طور كه مي دانيد در موبايل هاي لمسي سامسونگ وقتي كه يك برنامه (بازي،يا هر نوع نرم افزاري)رو اجرا مي كنيم يك منوي مجازي يا صفحه كليد مجازي در پايين صفحه ايجاد ميشود
براي خيلي از كاربران اين منو مفيد و براي خيلي ها هر برعكس هست...
در بعضي از موبايل هاي سامسونگ قابلت حذف اين منو با استفاده از تنظيمات موبايل هست اما متاسفانه در بعضي از موبايل هاي ساده،جاواي سامسونگ راهي براي حذف اين صفحه كليد مجازي نيست.
اين ويرايش از اواكس به صورت اتوماتيك اين صفحه كليد مجازي حذف ميكند حتي در موبايل هايي كه هيچ گونه راهي براي حذف از طريق تنظيمات نيست.
به اين نوع ويرايش كردن
touch full screen
كردن ميگويند

Avacs with Personal skin

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This version is personal for Me smile

Avacs full touch screen model

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Avacs full touch screen model
Dears at some Samsung mobiles we see there are a extra menu(Virtual Keyboard) when we open a app smile
For Avacs is too,and when there is this extra menu ,we can not see Avacs with full screen model.
and at some sumsung mobiles we can not delete this menu with mobile sitting like sumsung star tv s5233t (my mobile)
for some Samsung mobiles we can delete this menu with mobile sitting
but is not for all Versions.
I edited a Avacs whose can delete this menu smile
So you can see Avacs with full screen model & enjoy more from chat
for download go to my blog


this is a pic from a full screen page from avacs chat
With best wishes for you

touch screen model

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